A Homeschool Family


Tim Hawkins

A Homeschool Family is a song written by Tim Hawkins. It was later made into a music video.


Some people say we're goofy
Mysterious and spooky
Our neighbors think we're cooky
A homeschool family

We drive a white conversion
We learn about the Persians
Our six year-old's a surgeon
A homeschool family

We learn about Creation
And classic education
We're sponsoring a Haitian
A homeschool family


The parents are the tutors
We build our own computers
We never go to Hooters
A homeschool family

Have recess in the foyer
And then we read Tom Sawyer
Our nine year old's a lawyer
A homeschool family

We never leave our dwelling
Our children are excelling
They're champions at spelling
A homeschool family

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